A Success Story Since 1978

Rolf K. Habig, Founder of International Optique

Managing Partners

“After 40 years, I see how International Optique has helped transform and develop the Kuwaiti optical and hearing care market,” states Rolf K. Habig. “I am proud of the many satisfied clients we have assisted throughout the years. Our excellent team of competent and reliable professionals is always up to date with the latest trends and innovations, striving to serve the Kuwaiti people with the utmost care and expertise. I can assure that International Optique will always be the exclusive choice when it comes to professional eye and hearing care in the Middle East.”

German optometrist, Rolf K. Habig and his Austrian colleague Ulrich Angerer established International Optique in 1978, in collaboration with Mohammed Al Bisher and Ahmed Al Mishari. Starting with only 3 employees in a small shop in downtown Kuwait, it has grown to a respectable and truly international company with a team of more than 70 staff members from over 10 countries around the world.

The success of International Optique is based on traditional leadership, quality services and product variety. The company is continually growing as the pioneers in the Middle East’s vision and hearing care industry by teaming up with market leaders, ensuring the best solutions for visual and audiological needs.