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Contact Lens Fitting

We offer all of the major daily, biweekly and monthly contact lenses:

• Aqua Dailies Comfort Plus (also available for Astigmatism)

• Biotrue 1 Day

• Biofinity (also available for Astigmatism)

• Air Optix (also available for Astigmatism)

• Avaira

• Bio38

• Acuvue Oasys (also available for Astigmatism)

• 1 Day Acuvue Moist (also available for Astigmatism)

• 1 Day Acuvue Trueye / 1 Day Acuvue Define Vivid/ Accent

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Whether soft contact lenses, hard or hybrid lenses, our qualified optometrists fit each client with the suitable lenses to match their individual correction and lifestyle. We also recommend options for presbyopia and astigmatism.


Custom-made contact lenses for higher prescriptions and/or prescriptions outside the standard product range are specially ordered from Europe.



Keratoconus is the condition of progressive thinning and deformation of the cornea. In such cases, a comprehensive eye exam is necessary to find the optimal contact lens.


Specialized Contact Lenses

Specialized contact lenses including therapeutic lenses, such as bandage lenses after an injury or operation, contact lenses with an artificial iris and custom-made contact lenses for babies are available on special order.


Enhance Your Eye Color

Choose from a wide selection of cosmetic contact lenses. Colored toric lenses are available to order.


We carry the following brands of cosmetic contact lenses:


• Desio (also available for Astigmatism)

• Bella / Snowwhite

• Freshlook One Day colored lenses

• Freshlook

• Trikolor

• Colorvue

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