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• HEARING SCREENING: Hearing screening is a quick and cost-effective way to determine the possibilities of any hearing deficiency or loss.


• HEARING EVALUATION: The purpose of an in-depth hearing evaluation is to assess a patient’s individual hearing needs and determine the nature and degree of the hearing loss.

Hearing Aids


The Hearing Care Center opened in 2002 answering a strong demand for professional and reliable hearing care in Kuwait. In close collaboration with hearing care giant, Siemens, our team of skilled audiometrists, hearing care practitioners and technicians ensure the right fitting and comfort of individual hearing aids.








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• HEARING AID FITTING: Based on the results of the hearing evaluation test, we will conclude the best treatment options for your hearing loss and guide you in selecting the most appropriate hearing instruments required for your needs.

• MOBILE HOME SERVICE: We offer a home service to patients unable to reach the Hearing Care Center. We carry complete testing equipments required for hearing evaluation and fitting of hearing aids. Our mobile service team will measure the environmental sounds in the room where the client is to be evaluated to ensure the correct results are attained. Our home services are offered at a very nominal extra charge per visit.


• INDUSTRIAL HEARING EVALUATION: We offer hearing evaluation for companies to include among their safety procedures.

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