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Safety at work and play is a vital factor in our every day lives; however, it is often overlooked, and can potentially lead to sight-threatening accidents.


Sports eyewear doesn’t just protect your eyes from impacts or injuries. Specialized sports glasses and performance-enhancing eyewear can give you the winning edge in your preferred activity. We offer all kinds of protective sports eyewear, including conventional sports glasses, swimming goggles and diving masks, precision shooting glasses and motorcycle goggles. These can also be fitted with your optical prescription.

Image of lab technicians wearing safety glasses.
Soccer player with glasses
Swimming googles
Photo of a shooter wearing protective glasses

Potential eye hazards can be found in nearly all workplaces, especially in the oil and petroleum sector, which is the leading industry in Kuwait. It is essential that employees are provided with the correct and necessary occupational eye protection to avoid eye-related injuries. Also available with optical prescription, all our safety eyewear products meet the ANSI-287 and EN-166 safety standards.

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