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Dita  www.dita.com

Tom Ford http://www.tomford.com/women/sunglasses/

Lindberg www.lindberg.com

Cartier  http://www.cartier.com/collections/accessories/mens-accessories/eyewear

Mykita  www.mykita.com





At International Optique, you’ll find sunglasses that are the perfect convergence of style and functionality. High-end brands from world-class fashion houses, as well as hand-crafted niche products are available ready-to-wear and as prescription sunglasses.


Sunglasses have become more than just an optical aid. They are accessories that accentuate an outfit, that portray our personality and all the while shield our eyes from harmful UV rays.

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Whether you’re looking for edgy and trendy designs from the likes of Dita, Mykita, Tom Ford or prefer the classic and traditional look from Cartier and Lindberg, our team will help you find the right shades for you.

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